kTalk enables users to set up audio conference calls as easily as sending an SMS. It also sends a reminder before the conference so no dial-in numbers and access codes to remember!

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Schedule a conference wherever you are

To schedule a kTalk conference you don’t need a computer or an internet access. All you need is a cell phone as you can schedule the conference by just sending an SMS to kTalk SMS service number.

The SMS request is very simple to type and supports many options for specifying time, day, duration and subject of the conference. Please check the user guide for supported SMS request formats

iPhone application

The kTalk iPhone application is designed to give users an easy conferencing experience. It allows registered users of kTalk an easy way to schedule, publish and join kTalk conferences from an iPhone. All they need to do is download the application from the App Store. Users can select attendees from their address book and choose the phone numbers to send reminders to. Also the application can synchronize the conferences on the native calendar.

Easy scheduling from a web browser or MS Outlook

In addition to SMS scheduling, kTalk allows you to schedule conferences by either logging onto kTalk website or using a kTalk plugin for MS Outlook.

Users can schedule conferences with a click from the kTalk website. Scheduling from website eases the publishing of conference information as you can add participants while scheduling the conference itself and kTalk will automatically send email as well as SMS reminders to participants.

kTalk also enables you schedule conferences just like you set up meetings—right from Outlook. Send invitations and manage your conference preferences using your existing contacts and meeting management tools. Outlook plugin will automatically integrate kTalk conference information onto your calendar and into your emailed invitations to conference participants. Moreover it will also send reminders to the participants.

Unlimited conference recordings

All your conferences get recorded automatically. The mp3 recordings of the conferences are stored for a week and can be downloaded during this period.